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How We Choose To Work

Here at World Travel Holdings, our mission is to Deliver a Remarkable Experience. Not only to our customers, but while working with our colleagues as well.

Our Core Values — well, these are the principles that are engrained in everything we do here at World Travel Holdings. They are what defines our culture and how we choose to work. Take a look at what it looks like to embody our core values and what it doesn’t look like …


What it looks like:

  • Believing in what we do and standing by it.
  • Desiring to be better than the day before.
  • Being proud to be part of the World Travel Holdings team.
What it doesn't look like:
  • Not committing to our goals and strategy.
  • Being negative and disrespectful.
  • Taking ourselves too seriously.

What it looks like:

  • Loving what we do, individually and as a company.
  • Going above and beyond for our customers.
What it doesn't look like:
  • Being close-minded or stagnant.
  • Critiquing without offering solutions.
  • Thinking that "OK" is good enough.

What it looks like:

  • Being accountable and taking responsibility.
  • Respecting one another.
  • Using open and honest communication.
What it doesn't look like:
  • Being out for only yourself or your own team.
  • Having hidden agendas.
  • Thinking "Not my job/not my problem."

What it looks like:

  • Taking smart, calculated risks.
  • Showing initiation and reducing obstacles.
  • Acting nimble and agile.

What it doesn't look like:

  • Overanalyzing (paralysis by analysis).
  • Making decisions hastily.
  • Using a step or a process that doesn't add value.

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